Better Balance Club (B.B.C) is a program for anyone who wants to improve their balance and independence while reducing their risk of falling and dependence on walking aids.

How the program works:

You'll need a pre-assessment to take some baseline measures and make sure the program will be safe, appropriate and individual to you.

Classes are twice per week for four weeks at a cost of $35 per class (you'll be able to claim with HICAPS if you have private health insurance).

Full attendance is required to achieve the best outcomes. You'll receive an exit-assessment to measure your improvement.

Who will the program benefit?

This program will benefit anyone who has a history of falls, who doesn't feel as confident on their feet or who has a fear of falling. Exercises are directed towards improving lower limb strength and functional balance such as for getting up and down out of chairs and stepping up, down and over obstacles. Attendees will also learn how to get off the floor in the event they do have a fall.

Ready to book your pre-assessment?

The next block of BBC starts Wednesday 2nd June at 10am! Get in touch with the clinic to book your pre-assessment via telephone or email.

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