Strong Knees in Progress is a program for anyone who wants to improve their flexibility, strength and confidence going up and down stairs, getting out of low seats or on and off of the floor.

How the program works:

First, each participant is assessed to take some baseline measures and make sure the program will be safe, appropriate and individual to you.

Classes are twice per week for six weeks at a cost of $40 per class (you'll be able to claim with HICAPS if you have private health insurance and there is a 10% discount for Pensioners.

Full attendance is recommended to achieve the best outcomes. You can complete some sessions at home but the program works best in the group setting.

Who will the program benefit?

This program will benefit anyone who has a history of knee pain or who is considering, waiting-for or trying to delay a knee surgery.


Gentle, low impact exercises look to increase strength in key muscle groups and improve gait and functional strength, such as for walking up and down stairs, standing up from (low) chairs and getting on and off the floor.

Our SKIP program is evolving into a GLA:D program in 2022! Keep an eye out for information or email us to go on the mailing list.

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